Silicone mold rapid prototype for low volume production

Silicone mold is one of the most used methods of low volume production for rapid prototype processing.

Silicone mold rapid prototype Advantages
It owns the following advantage:short time,low cost, small failure rate in processing, and so on. We can make out as many as 20pcs products by one pair of silicone mould.

Silicone mold rapid prototype Materials
The materials of vacuum castingproducts can be: ABS-like, PP-like, PC-like, PMMA-like,POM-like, thermostable material, Rubber(PU), silicone rubber, etc.

The processing of silicone mould rapid prototype for low volume production
On theory,the whole process can be divided into 3 steps:
Before making silicone mould, we need to produce a prototype. It can be processed by CNC machining with the most used material ABS.Or processing via sla,sls or 3d printing.
2.Silicone mold making process
After finishing the prototype, to begin building silicone mould with the prototype.
3.Vacuum Casting
Casting the liquid material into the silicone mold, then dry up. The lifetime of a pair of transparent silicone mould is about 20 times.

On practice,there are total 6 small steps to finalize the whole silicone mold rapid prototyping process:
Step 1: Using CNC, SLA, or 3D Printing or clay sculpture processing to make out the prototype, get it handled well;
Step 2: Surrounding the prototyping by boards and make it as a box,get ready for silicone mold making;
Step 3: Pouring the liquid silicone which is vacuumed up by vacuum machine into the box, till the height covering the prototype tightly;
Step 4: Baking the mold by oven, to quicken the solidifying of silicone mould;
Step 5: Taking out the prototype from the mold after solidifying,silicone mold making finished;
Step 6: According to the needed materials, pouring into the silicone mold,and vacuum casting the products out.
When you finished the 6 steps,you finished the making of silicone mold rapid prototyping.

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