PMMA perfume bottle prototype by EbyTon


PMMA perfume bottle model is mainly made by CNC machine.Crafts of its surface treatments include sanding and polishing.The material of the main body is generally transparent PMMA.

Transparent prototypes are different from mass production,for some complex structures which have to split and then glue together when manufacturing,therefore when splitting the drawing ,engineers must consider a best splitting way,to ensure the glueing line of the disassemble position of the transparent pieces not very visible,or the line will affect the appearance of the transparent part.

In order to solve glueing line issue for transparent pmma prototype parts,Ebyton prototype factpry spares no efforts to follow every procedures from every programming,CNC processing,post treatment,glueing,
sanding till polishing,etc,to guarantee there is no glueing line left after finishing.

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