Participation and improving product quality by all staff in EbyTon


Quality is the safety’s guidance and the life of a company.It's not just an empty word.Bicycles,airplanes,and the daily appiances we use are supposed to be qualified,otherwise,a bicycle will breakdown suddenly,and lead to leg hurt or even life losing; an unqualified small component on a plane may lead to trouble of take-off or even kill hundreds of lives if it happens on the way of flying.

Quality is the essence of a company.Just as any ship is possible to sink,any company is possible to close down.It depends on human’s efforts.As a prototype and sheet metal fabriator,every detail during production and quality control are closely linked with each other,which requires employees to pay high attenttion,or a finished product may be waste dueing to our mistakes.

With the rapid growth of small medium enterprises(SMEs) in contemporary society and people’s improving request on products and service,the competition between factories become more and more fierce.To be outstanding there,we must make further improvement on the quality and do better on service.

Ebyton is adapting this market trend,and moving forwad.And all staff are requested to participate in improving the quality.In 2014,I feel a great change has been taken at the whole company,and place quality and service at priority much more than ever before.
Now we are fighting for our aims,therefore we increased QC personnel, and offer regular quality trainings for the Quality Control personnels.Through training,we got stronger sense of quality.And with the improvement of quality awareness,we control quality better,therefor products quality enhamced,and our service become greater than before.

Quality is the essencial factor that clients concerns most,a prototype or a piece of sheet metal part that EbyTon produced ,are under strick control,all staff participation let us do better and easier on this way.

If you are interested in EbyTon,or any assistance needed,contact us or just call us at +86 755 28102539.EbyTon --Shenzhen Top supplier of prototypes manufacturing & sheet metal parts fabrication!


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