Which are the main "sheets" that used in sheet metal fabrication?

Sheet metal fabrication usually applies metal sheets under 6mm thick,EbyTon sheet metal is able to work for 0.5--5mm sheets.
Once an order released on the system,EbyTon professional engineers will work out necessary drawings which includes unfolding drawing,bending drawing and welding drawing,base on clients’ parts and assembly drawings.After that ,apply for demanded material size&qty on basis of careful calculating.
Speaking of material,sheet metal fabrication mainly applies sheets including SPCC,SHCC,SECC,SGCC,copper plates,aluminum plate(6061,6063,5052,1020,etc),aluminum extrusion and stainless steel.Different materials with different specifications as follows,

1.Steel plate cold-rolled(SPCC).Mainly used for part need painted or electro-plating,cheap and easy to work,thickness usually no more than 3.2mm;
2.Hot rolled steel(SHCC).T≥3.0mm,treated with spraying or electro plating as SPCC,and cheap,but difficult to work,mainly for flat parts;
3.Electro or Galvanized steel (SECC/SGCC).SECC includes N and P type,the former is usually with no surface treatment,high cost,while the latter mainly for spraying parts;
4.Copper plate.Mainly aplied for eletricity conducting function,surface treated with chrome or nickle plating,or without any finish,the cost is a little high;
5.Aluminum plate.Usually treated with chromate ,anodize(conductive anodizing or chemical anodizing),silver or nickle plating cost is high;
6.Aluminum extrusion.Aluminum extrusion are with complex structure from side view,is widely applied in different kinds of electronic equipments,its surface can be treated as what aluminum plates do;
7.Stainless steel sheet.Always with no any surface treatments,a little higher cost .

The above are the main material types in sheet metal manufacturing,understanding the specifications of every material can help people choose the most suitable material for different projects demands,and the cost must be taken into consideration when making choice.EbyTon sheet metal will totally make sheet metal parts totally base on clients’ drawings ,use the correct materials,through laser cutting/cnc punching,bending,welding process,and do surface treatment and assembly.

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