What does the U stand for on a server network Cabinet?


A server cabinet has a standard slot known as a "U" or rack unit.

The label of "U" on a server cabinet indicates one server unit. The Electronic Industries Association (EIA) determined the standard sizes for server components.The EIA set it is to make it convinient to mount the server on racks or server cabinets,if the server size is configurable,every hole of it can match with those of the racks or cabinets,therefore ,can install through screws.

The height of 1U on a server rack is 44.45mm(1.75 inches). Rack-mounted components will come with a rack unit number. Some servers are 1U while others may be 2U, 3U or 4U; the only limit is the size of your server rack. A 42U server rack is the standard size for data centers, though short 24U racks are common in smaller office installations.


The standard width for a rack mounted device is 19 inches. However, server cabinets are wider than the 19-inch internal size. Server racks can be between 24 and 32 inches wide; choosing a wider server cabinet will provide more internal space for cables to be tucked away.


Sever cabinet depth varies greatly as it is the only U measurement that is not standardized. Server racks can range from 18 to 42 inches deep to facilitate different depth components and server installation spaces. However the 40- and 42-inch deep racks are the most widely used.

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