Witness the unity power of EbyTon prototype factory this moment


What is unity ?A normal day life at EbyTon prototype factory gave me a lesson that Unity is power.
In my mind ,i thought every worker of a company is supposed to perform his own duty,maybe once in a while,just once in a while,one or two intimate colleague would lend a favour when you are really facing emergencies.However,this thought was subverted yesterday,when i witnessed a strong heart-stirring power of EbyTon company--the Unity.

EbyTon was divided into several departments like other companies do,departments make cooperations through a division of labour.But in EbyTon,there is one difference that is, the relations between every department is closer,they are not devided by a rigid limit,on the contrary,they share all happiness and difficulties with each other ,and move ahead together.

That was a project of sheet metal department,it was supposed to be delivered to client,as the agreed lead time is almost out.But the qty is so large that colleagues of production section could not finish by the time limit.So that afternoon ,all members from sales department pause our jobs at hand ,went to sheet metal department to help our colleagues out .

Although our hands or clothes or hair were stained with paint,and smelt not good ,everyone still doing the work , even laughing and talking,i felt really warm at that moment ,that indicates the unity and frindship of help each other throughout the company,which is what every job searcher wants most i believe.

Only among this kind of team can employees have passion on their work,and get them well done.To combine work with life,and be happy ,isnt it people all persuing ?The most valuable EbyTon prototype &sheet metal factory teaches me is ,no matter what job,there is no distinction between every career,we are all the same. Let’s get united when needed ,and step into the bright future of EbyTon .


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