Three key points matter most during company Research&Development

With the fast development of technology,the ompetition between companies become more and more severe nowadays,in this sitiuation,the research and development ability become a biggest impact which decide an enterprise’s competitiveness,while innovation capacity is the most important section during R&D.

From the beginning of 21st Century, Shenzhen, as the window of China reforming and open policy, starts calling for innovation. Innovation mainly take place when research and development,every enterprise is experiencing can be as small as an idea and as big as the final product.

Design idea
However difficult and new, there has may must procedures before a product being produced :a new idea, industrial design, structure design, electronic design, prototype, testing, modifying in case of failure test, re-prototype, re-test, then build tool, try the tool ,then start mass inject products ,a product produced. During this process,the design idea is the first and decisive section.The designersmust have a very clear mind before the thinking of a new idea, many companies wasted many energy and resources on this step, but only this step can represent the way they create , as other steps are to presenting ways of the Idea.

And speaking of the presenting way,people think of prototyping.Prototyping making is to save money for people. Prototyping is a first confirm before mass production, if no problems after testing, then start the mass mold part ,it’s much more time and cost saving than to build tool directly at first. It's quite a necessary part during the whole process.

Mold and mass production
When it goes to the last to the mold production , the most important is to get every procedure reasonably organized. Some procedures can be done at the same time, then a good mold process engineer is quite necessary .once not well organized , will lead to the extension of the whole process. While in the inject part, a good machine controlling master is vital ,who has to consider many factors like different materials ,fluidity, colors or time, all these depends on his experiences ,no standard answers to reference.

Innovative is half sucessful;and when enprises come to understand and implement well these key points during making a new product,they will keep the vitality of the company.EbyTon sincerely wish all companies grow together and make a wonderful future for Chinese business culture!

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