The origin of  Prototype


As we all know, a newly-designed product is created out by designers,designers can not make sure that it is perfect and if he has taken every single and the whole structure into consideration.Only by making out a real product of it can the deficiency and shorts be exposed.Therefore many designers were looking for a way can make a best of both worlds,which can produce one or two samples for testing but without building up a mold,thus can avoid a large cost of building mold and they can still can check the design.
Eventually,they found out making prototypes as the best way .

A prototype is a model or sample of a product built according to a visual /structural drawing before the mold built, it is used to test the appearance and structure of a new design.It’s made from industrial plastics or metals or rubber,etc.

Nowadays prototyping is developing very fast.Several years ago ,due to the technique limit,most of work have to be done by hand and finished little by little.With the technology’s development, large quantity prototypes are able to done by CNC machining,which can ensure the tolerance at +/-0.1mm or so.Because all those prototypes are machined strictly according to 3D drawings supplied by designers.

Higher-improved life level and quickly-advanced technology have made products replacement rapidly.How to find a room in technology development time ?Then fast products developing capability determines the competitive advantages of a company over other competitors.Therefore,prototype factories stand out in the products developing line and become an independent industry. This is the origin of prototype.


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