Ten differences between SLA and SLS prototypes(part2)

Following the former article which is about the ten differences between SLA and SLS prototypes,we are going to talk
6.Character structures sharpness
As far as the structure sharpness is concerned,SLA prototypes beats SLS .Yet,as people need to build supporting structure for SLA rapid prototyping process,and remove them when prototype finished,which would affect the edge sharpness.

7.Big parts manufacturing
When parts are big in size,we can split it into several pieces,and manufacture one by one,then glue them together.While thanks to the pore on the surface, SLS prototype is more cohesive than SLA prototypes,those pores is easier for glue to permeate.
Becides,SLA is sensitive to the height of a part,because this method requires a long time auxiliary between every section,so the higher the part,the more layers,and longer auxiliary time,this influent the manufacturing efficiency.

8.Supporting structure
As what mentioned before,the SLA process must build a supporting structure;while for SLS,the powder arounding the work piece acts as the supporting structure,no need to build a special one built,it not only simpolized the design and manufacturing process,but also avoid the possibility of breaking the surface finish when removing it.

Generally speaking,SLA prototypes own a smooth surface and higher dimensional accuracy,so the appearance is better.While SLS prototypes owns a good strength,not easy damaged when presenting to clients.

Testing function:SLA owns a better property from shape,dimension and assembly testing;while for function testing,parts must bear some mechanical or thermal load,or be put at moist or chemical corrosive environment,so sls prototype is better;

For prototype of silicone products making:rapid prototypes can be used as the mother part to build silicone mold,epoxy resin mold or gypsum mold.On this aspect ,SLA prototypes have a smooth surface and better dimensional accuracy and fine-grained distinctions,therefore which is more suitable .

For mold function:SLS sinters ceramic or metal powder materials,and gain ceramic or metal mold through post treatment;SLA rapid prototype can also be used as wax mold that for investment casting,however difficult for it to make out other molds with higher requirements.


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