Ten differences between SLA and SLS prototypes(part1)

SLA and SLS are two most used rapid prototyping way ,they are both additive manufacturing process,both are fast.Then what’s the biggest differences between the 2 kinds of rpaid prototyping way?

1.The material and specifications
SLS adopts powdered material,which is with good performance;While SLA is using only liquid photosensitive resin,it performs not as good as thermoplastics or thermosetting plastics.

The shrinking rate is of SLA prototypes is less than 0.4%,while SLS prototypes shrinking rate reach to 2%-4%.So the precision of SLA prototypes is better.

3.Surface effect
As the material of SLS is powder,the layers can be glued together via sintering (heating and melting),so the surface is actually in particle,so surface effect not so good.

4.The reprocessing property
Both SLS and SLA parts can be mechanical processed,yet professional technicians assume that the thermoplastic of SLS prototyping is more convinient to mill,drill and tap;while SLA prototypes are a little fragile,easier to break.

5.Resistance to environment
The resistance to the environment(temperature ,humidity and chemical corrosion)of SLS prototypes is similar to the thermoplastic;while SLA prototypes performs worse on this ,e.g.it is easy to be corroded by the humidity and chemicals,and will be soften and deform and warp under circonstances above 38℃.

To be continued...

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