Amazing!See how 3d printing parts upgrade like a real one


Remember the world's first 3D printed rifle? Recently according to a report by foreign media-The Verge, this rifle inventor Matthew carried out to improve the strength of it, who can now shoot 14 lanuches bullets.
In the video Matthew uploaded on youtube, he did the testing at British Columbia. In order to test the 3D printing rifle in ensuring the safety of the premise ultimately Shots, during the last three rounds of shooting, Matthew is tied to the machine through a line for remote control.

This called " The Grizzly 2.0" 0.22 caliber rifle is made of ABS plastic material and, in Matthew's trial, this rifle shot 14 times after cracks appeared, although compared to modern firearms, the 14 times Shots seem too fragile, but do not forget that this is one of ABS and plastic rifle. Also Matthew said this rifle after each shot requires manual fill bombs, but when reloading the whole gun apart need more strenuous. As Matthew's profile, he wrote in the original Stratasys Dimension1200ES industrial grade 3D printers, and he is using this 3D printer made rifle parts.
Compared to the previous generation product, Matthew The Grizzly 2.0 indicates greater volume, casing section (theme part of firearms, or have a gun in the metal shell were atresia, firing in the box wall, back shell etc, barrel and magazine is connected to the casing portion) increases in size by 50%. Previously located in Austin, Texas, a non-governmental organization had produced the world's first branch controversial method of making 3D printing firearms such behavior is still relatively large, and 3D printing rifle branch from a real application requirements have worse very far.
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