Rapid prototyping way--Laminated Object Manufacturing(LOM)

Laminated Object Manufacturing(LOM) is a kind of rapid prototyping way through laminated process from sheet such as paper,plastic film or composite material.

LOM rapid prototyping working process
Laser cutting system cut the paper out the target sketch according to the data extracted from the computer,the paper will be smeared with Hot melt glue on the face before cutting.After finishing of one layer,the feeder will laminate a new layer of paper onto the platform,and through the hot glue pressing aset to adhere it to the cutted layer,then start the new cutting process,like this ,cutting and adhering layer by layer,till the finishing of the final 3d prototype model.

The material LOM use is generally paper,tinsel,plastic film ,ceramic film,etc.The parts from LOM performs like high grade wood.
LOM can not only make molds or models,but also structural and functional parts.

Pros:As LOM just need to cut out the part section sketch on the sheet,it’s faster to manufature parts with thick wallthickness,suits for big sized parts;
The working outframe and the spare material can act as supporting role,so no supporting tool needed;
And no deformation will happen during the manufacturing process.

Cons: LOM wastes much material during making,and parts surface is bad,calls for more post handling working;
Not able to make hollow parts.

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