EbyTon sheet metal holiday Notice for 2015 Dragon Boat Festival


Time flies!Here comes the 2015 Chinese Dragon Boat Festival soon!Although it’s just Chinese festival,EbyTon sheet metal still want to share this woderful moment with all clients,please accept our best regards to you and your families!

The Dragon Boat Festival was originated in Spring and Autumn period,from Chinese historical legend,the official of Chu kindom,Qu Yuan,who is also a great poet at that time,but his excellence raised someone’s jealous and made a misunderstanding between he and the king ,so he commited suicide at Miluo river on 5th May(Luner calender),the people of the whole country all mourned him to the river that day,and made it the memorial day of Qu on that day every year.And it generated the Gragon Boat Festival over the time.
On this day,Chinese people will eat Zongzi(rice pudding),drink realgar wine,hang calamus,etc.

So to celebrate this festival ,EbyTon sheet metal will be closed totally on 6/20 and 6/21,we’ll open normally on next Monday.Please be noted .And again wish you all the best and a happy weekend!

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