EbyTon sheet metal fabrication

EbyTon regular customers all know that,apart from prototype manufacturing,EbyTon is at the same time professional in sheet metal fabrication.EbyTon sheet metal business range involves Sheet metal manufacturing ,Metal stamping, punching,bending,welding and CNC machining, and various kinds of metal sheet parts processing includes mechanical shell,chassis, cabinets,boxes,enclosures,racks,etc.

How does EbyTon sheet metal come?
It is true that EbyTon was only about prototyping when first set up,what is the reason makes sheet metal fabrication involved afterwards?It was when the protoyping business become mature gradually,EbyTon met some projects of clients that not only have protoype parts,but also sheet metal parts like the inner racks or brackets for a device,so had to wait the sheet metal parts from another company.It seemed hard to avoid some fitting issues for parts made by different companies,thus the previous work turn in vain and have to re-produce.It was the boss’s idea to start up sheet metal department ,that was in 2009,so that clients no need to bother to source another sheet metal company,and fitting problems solved.Thus EbyTon sheet metal fabricating department came into being!

EbyTon sheet metal business range:
EbyTon sheet metal mainly undertakes all kinds of sheet metal parts batch manufacturing, like metal parts of military industry, electronic , electric power , communicating , electrical equipment and automobile; stainless steel medical equipments, instruments ,consoles, self-control terminals, Bank query systems shell; supporting cabinets, metal cases, chassis, mechanical shells for kinds of mechanical and industrial automation devices; laser cutting products; designing and manufacturing for non-standard metal parts.

EbyTon sheet metal fabricating facilities:
Through years development,EbyTon sheet metal has been improving itself constantly, strengthen its manufacturing capacity by actively introducing advanced technology at home and abroad .Now it owns a variety of sheet metal processing equipments which includes: advanced and high precision AMADA bending machine imported from Japan, CNC Punching machine, CNC turning machine, Riveting press, Hand puncher, Electric welding machine, Tapping machine, Driller, CNC shearing machine,etc.

Things in the world are continually changing,technologies,time,values,etc,EbyTon is embracing the changing world by continuous creativeness and reforming,and the born and develop stronger of EbyTon sheet metal fabrication is just one of the products of EbyTon's growing!

If you are interested in EbyTon,or any assistance needed,contact us or just call us at +86 755 28102539.EbyTon --Shenzhen Top supplier of prototypes manufacturing & sheet metal parts fabrication!


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