EbyTon explains to you the sheet metal manufacturing process


Sheet metal manufacturing is a series process to make a product from thin metal sheets (ususally 0.5-5mm).So sheet metal parts is the parts manufactured by those process.Sheet metal parts are everywhere in our daily life,outdoor cabinets,wire distinction case,starage or file cabinets,etc.

Now let’s learn together how is a sheet metal product manufactured,
Firstly,to work out the drawing according to the specified design,make it clear of all the structures and dimensions;

Secondly,work out the unfolding drawing base on the original one,that is the view which the part will look like when it’s unfolded.Also welding drawing if the part need welding;

Thirdly,material cutting.EbyTon cuts materials by NC,which requires cnc program before the job start--to transform the unfolding drawing to a type which the NC punching machine can recognize through the programing software,thus the punching technician can control the punching machine to cut out the target material at the guide of the program.

Next procedures are:press rivet,bending,welding,polishing ,surface treatment and last assembly. EbyTon applies Japan made AMADA precision bending machine whose longest workable part reach to 2m.And owns 8 sets of welding machine of different types.sheet metal surface treatment is mainly powder coating anodizing,zinc plating,etc.

After assembly,the sheet metal part has totally been finished.That is the sheet metal manufacturing process of EbyTon company.

With over 8 years sheet metal manufacturing experience,EbyTon sheet metal has grown up to a large scale and professional level,assist with top-of-the-line technology and skillful specialists,adhering to the value of”quality comes first ,customer oriented” ,is expecting to create a bright future together with you!

If you are interested in EbyTon,or any assistance needed,contact us or just call us at +86 755 28102539.EbyTon --Shenzhen Leading supplier of prototypes manufacturing & sheet metal parts fabrication!


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