Chinese University of Hong Kong brings 3D printing into courses

3D printing technology application has big promoting on these years,it goes deeper into every industry .For instance,in medical application,3d printer have been able to print human organs ,which most shocked me is the 3d printing human heart some time ago.

While today EbyTon prototype company realizes that 3d printing contributes greatly to education.Please read below words to see how does Chinese University of Hong Kong(CUHK) make use of 3d printing on their teaching .

To develop students’ thirst for knowledge is the core aim of the Mechanical and Automation Engineering Department of the CUHK.They brought 3d printing technology into the class system in 1995,and recently,educators of CUHK have widen the use of 3d printing from demonstration only to mechanical prototypes building and creating new devices.

The dean Allan Mok told that,”When we first introduce 3d printing into our classes,our original intention is to demonstrate the manufacturing method of it prints.But now we often use it to print some teaching aids,and we assign the senior students to operate 3d prinitng in practise,including varifying their model designs.’’

As the saying goes,practice is the only measurement to the theory.Through the hand-on experience of 3d printing make it easier for students to understand the knowledge of mechanics,theory and the whole operating of the assembly.

The application of 3d printing to universities is mainly on teaching ,but it also applied to prototype model designing,developing and commercial experiences.

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