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Vacuum casting plastic cover parts for medical device


Vacuum casting plastic cover parts for medical device

Material: pmma like,abs like
Method of manufacturing: vacuum casting
Surface treatment: smooth
Use:for product development
Lead time: 5-6 working days
Type:Medical device cover

This vacuum casting plastic cover for medical device is for a medical analyzer,the top cover.It consists of two parts,the green transparent part and the abs outer stand frame.For sample or two pieces,EbyTon would manufacture this item via cnc machining,and then paint;while when it comes to small volume,the cost of cnc would be a little too high,to save cost for our customer,EbyTon suggest to proceed with vacuum casting,which is cheaper and faster on this quantity.Because cnc machining ,the abs frame will be splitted then glued together,which takes time and labor,on the other side,if to make a silicone mold ,then can produce it from one piece through vacuum casting then.

The difficult lies on this cover prototype is the color of the green transparent glass,the angle sharpness and smoothness ,and also it lies at the fitting of the two parts.EbyTon tries to make every detail satisfied and customer love the quality every time and kept working with EbyTon for years.

If you have any questions about this Vacuum casting plastic cover parts for medical device,or any assistance needed,contact us.


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