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SLA small components


SLA small components

Material: Photosensitive Resin
Method of manufacturing: CNC machining
Surface treatment:natural smooth surface
Size:According to specified designing
Use: Structure testing
Lead time: 3-4 working days
Type: Electrical products

Stereo lithography Appearance (SLA) Rapid Prototyping

Stereo lithography is the heart of ProtoCAM's rapid prototyping service, turning your 3D CAD drawing into a solid object.

Stereo lithography prototypes can be used as master patterns for injection molding core and cavity inserts, thermoforming,

blow molding, and various metal casting processes.

Key benefits of Stereo lithography Rapid Prototyping

1.Time saving: it can fabricate your SLA prototype in less than3 days
2.Cost saving
3.Tight tolerances
4.Epoxy resin is resilient enough to be used for testing
5.Stereo lithography is well suited to small lot manufacturing of prototype or end-use parts
6.Stereo lithography investment casting patterns allow rapid production of metal prototypes
It is the original Rapid Prototyping technique, and still the most commonly used.
It is comparatively low-cost.
It utilizes a light-sensitive liquid polymer.
It requires post-curing since laser is not intense enough to fully cure.
Extended curing can cause warping.
Parts are somewhat brittle and have a tacky surface.
There is no milling process, so dimensional accuracy can suffer.
Support structures are typically required.
The process is simple: Neither milling nor masking steps are required.
Uncured material should be expected to emit toxic fumes. Thorough ventilation is necessary.

When a low number of prototypes is needed (1-10).
Form and fit testing.
Plastic piece rapid-tooling patterns.
Metal piece rapid-tooling patterns.
Focus group and presentation models.
Small parts with complicated structures prototyping ,like toys



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