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Cnc machined plastic case prototype


Cnc machined plastic case prototype

Material: ABS
Method of manufacturing: CNC machining
Surface treatment: paint green color
Size:According to specified designing
Use: Structure & appearance testing
Lead time: 3-5 working days
Type: cnc machining prototype

Plastic case prototype ,which consists of upper case and down case,surface treatment is painted green glossy finish.It is made via cnc machining.

Shenzhen EbyTon Technology Ltd was founded in 2005, specializes in industrial designing, Rapid prototyping, vacuum casting for low volume, components machining and sheet metal fabrication. And covers an area of 3000 square meters and includes 100 excellent staffs, owns 8 sets of CNC machines, maximum building size is 1800*1200*200(mm), 1 set Israeli medical level Objet 350v 3D printer(maximum building size:350mm*350mm*200mm), 2 set of vacuum casting machines. Having plenty of experience in custom prototype manufacturing for many industries like medical devices, car, home appliance, digital products, electronics, etc, EbyTon is Forging the most professional Products R&D base in the guide of quality first and chasing- brilliant spirit.

Services EbyTon provide:

1.CNC machining(milling & turning)
2.Objet 3D printing
3.SLA/SLS Rapid prototyping
4.Vacuum casting
5.Industrial Design
6.Sheet metal components fabrication

If you have any questions about this cnc machined plastic case prototype or about EbyTon,or any assistance needed,contact us.


Shenzhen EbyTon Techonology Ltd.

Address: Building A5,Quan bao Industry Park, Guang ming Road,
Shi yan, Bao an district, Shenzhen, Guang dong, China
Contact: Ms Pauline xin

Tel: 86-755-88825700
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Mobile: (86)139 2651 7493
Skype: paulinexin

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